Gillian Rathbun Photography | Our Services

The Session

A typical session involves driving to meet you at your location, getting set-up, and then 1-2 hours of shooting time.
All sessions are on-location and can be at your home, your backyard, favorite spot,  or nearby park. You choose what you know will be most comfortable for your family.  

Home Sessions

I will look through your home to find the best light. I'll search out places such as a comfy chair, the family bed, a cozy corner, sofa or Sunroom.  

Clothing Choices

Please be aware that styling, clothing choices and hair are very important to the outcome of your shoot!   I think wearing what you feel comfortable and natural in is your best best.
Avoid plaids, busy prints, shirts with logos and red!

For boys, polo shirts or button ups along with jeans or khakis works very well!  layering a button up over a solid tee is always a nice look too.  

If yours is a family session, try to coordinate siblings & dads in clothes that compliment each other - simple is best!  Keep with the same tones (bright and bold, or subtle and pastel).  You don't necessarily all need the same color; just stick with casual and comfy!  I encourage you to bring as many clothing choices as you wish, and please bring a hairbrush along as well.  Also, feel free to bring any accessories (favorite toy, blanket, knit hats, hair bands and hair ties).  Your little ones will give better photographs if they are comfortable!

After the Session

After the photo shoot, I transfer the digital files onto an external drive that works with my computer system.  This drive is dedicated just for photography images.  After the transfer of the pictures, I run each photo through a color correction process in a program called Lightroom.  Next I open the photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS3 where I can resize the images and retouch blemishes, use color enhancements, adjust contrast and brightness levels, convert to black & white images, etc. to make them more aesthetically-pleasing.    Finally, after the initial post-production process, I upload the finished images into a private online gallery.  The client is then provided the link to the gallery and a passcode to allow for custom viewing of their photos.  

The total time involved from start to finish is typically anywhere from 6-10 hours, depending on your session.